About Pia


Pia Kovaniemi was born and raised in Sweden and discovered at an early age an interest in healing and self-improvement. Being an Indigo Child, she was fortunate to spend her childhood summers in Finnish Lapland with her grandparents, where she was able to explore her deep connection to life, nature, the animal and spirit world. Pia credits her Nordic ancestors for her natural healing abilities and feels it being a blessing and a calling and never takes it for granted. 

Pia decided to leave Sweden to broaden her horizons by travel and studies. She studied Reiki while living in London and became a Reiki Master Teacher upon arriving in Los Angeles in 2000.

In addition to Reiki, Pia has studied different techniques such as animal telepathic communication, psychology, mindfulness, Vipassana meditation, psychotherapy, shamanic healing, psychic surgery and healing through the use of Theta brainwaves.

Combining her own intuitive and highly empathic skills with the modalities she has learned, she understood that as each person/pet is unique and has their own needs and desires regarding their own healing requirements. Therefore, she is able to custom-design a session depending on the issue at hand.

An avid animal lover and activist, Pia has been blessed to practice her healing skills on dogs, cats, horses, a few rats and birds.

Pia is a graduate of IPSB (Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing) in Culver City, where she studied Massage Therapy, Sensory Repatterning and Tai Chi. She studied healing techniques with renowned teachers; Kristie Reeves, Marina Rose, Irma K. Sawyer and Daniel The Healer. She received her Reiki Master Training through High Touch Healing arts.

She provides sessions in the privacy of your home and at Green Stone Wellness in Mar Vista www.greenstonetherapy.com