“I cannot speak highly enough of Pia Kovaniemi's Reiki healing treatments. I was stuck emotionally after the passing of my father at the same time I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Pia came to the rescue. She arrived with a healing set up including an angel statue, protective semi-precious stones, burned sage and soothing music. Ms. Kovaniemi spoke to me about what exactly was going on, made suggestions about changes I needed to make and went to work with the healing. At the end of the sessions, I felt a combination of exhilaration and peacefulness. The best part was waking up the next morning after an incredibly restful sleep and experiencing an incredible sense of calm. It is one month later and I feel like I have been re-set from the inside out. It's difficult to describe, but I wish everyone could feel it. Kudos and accolades!”
“We were blessed to meet through a close circles of friends and I believe; life intentions. Both new to holistic massage therapy, I truly enjoy learning along side of her and understanding more of how beautiful, gentle, and powerful Reiki is. Her touch can be as light as a feather and go as deep as the mind/body/soul will allow it. Assisting in your process of igniting the Reiki healing light in you, Pia's soothing energy provides such a safe space, your heart feels Love. It's adorable to watch how kids and animals respond to her, they know. Pia's got the magic touch!!!”
“Pia, Thank You So Much for providing Reiki for both Bull and Gauss. My babies loved your work. Gauss took to your energy and immediately looked more relieved. I could tell as soon as you started that she could feel it. Even Bull with his Stioch and unwavering poker face appeared relieved, and his last month was filled with his journeys to the backyard, day after day he was able to enjoy himself by going to his favorite place without my help. My dogs found tremendous peace during their last weeks on this earth, and I am convinced that them receiving Reiki from you played a huge part in it.”
“Pia is an amazing healing channel. I admire her passion for Reiki. If you are looking to manifest health and every kind of prosperity, Pia is the right choice. I know her as the Goddess of healing, because she has mastered the use of our divine powers. I highly recommend her, she is highly intuitive and a very loving person.”
“I had the pleasure of having Pia as my Reiki Master Teacher for my Reiki Master Initiation. After the initiation process I left the office feeling completely calm, peaceful and full of joy. Her Reiki is extremely powerful and has caused changes on my emotional and spiritual as well as physical level. Pia is one of the most gifted Reiki Masters I have ever gotten to know; not only do I feel transformed by her work, but she is one of the kindest and most caring people I know and I consider her a great blessing for the world. I sincerely hope that more people will have the gift of being transformed by her work!”