Reiki for Pets

IMG953824Reiki – an ancient natural system of healing is believed to help relieve physical discomfort, promote relaxation, release toxins and assist in removing disturbances in the cat or dog that impede good health and a sense of well being.

Reiki is increasingly being utilized in shelters and pet clinics as well as by many pet practitioners. Reiki removes energetic blocks in your pet’s body that may cause any number of negative behavioral, mental, emotional or physical conditions. These include fear, effects of a history of abuse or neglect and arthritis or side effects from medications.

A Reiki treatment provides a sense of unconditional love, peace and calm and allows the pet to breathe and relax and enjoy their life for a moment, feeling healthy and happy. Or if dying; letting go of their fear of the unknown and of abandoning their owners.

IMG953827Reiki for pets can be done by touch and/or by sitting at a distance, channeling the energy, depending on what the pet prefers. It is important to understand and respect each pet’s boundary, in order to have successful results in a Reiki treatment.

Pia has practiced her Reiki on many pets, who were on their way of passing on to the other side; due to old age or incurable illness, also on pets who were recovering from surgery, illness or traumatic situations. By her Reiki sessions, the owners have noticed a sense of peace and calm in their cat/dog.